What, Where, Why, Winter 2015

I've never been great at expressing my emotions solely through words. Singing is much easier than speaking for me. Also, I annoy people by writing and speaking in run-on sentences and ignoring the rules of grammar... but they just don't fit the rhythm of my run-on thoughts. Regardless, I felt the urge to share something with you, journal style. 

In the fall of 2014, my sister Jackie passed away in a car accident. I was and I am still devastated. Loss twists you in so many directions. For me, it initially felt like the impossible had happened. But now it also feels like anything else IS possible - ANYTHING could happen - in a good way. Sometimes I feel like I've been on a mission to honor my sister's life by living out my own through way of art and intuition, with good friends, working on good music and anything else I am genuinely drawn to - with fervor and without fear. This is not without recognizing responsibilities and not without SOME hesitations - I do recognize just how "free spirited" this all sounds. But Jackie's life on earth has taught me priceless lessons and lately it has given me a new level of freedom, courage and open-mindedness I never imagined. She has opened up my universe and I don't think that's crazy or insensitive to say; I think that's what real love is. I often feel like the luckiest person alive,  an incredibly lucky person that will be grieving for quite some time and missing her sister, everyday.  

So, I'm writing a lot right now, preparing to get back into the studio again and working on my voice to make sure it can fully express everything I want it to. You can give a listen to some of the new material at the more intimate shows in NY this season.

Feb 8th, 6PM at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC I'll be playing some songs solo and some with Seon. Will be trying out a lot of new material. Best burgers out of ALL the venues, FYI! 

Feb 12th, 630PM at Fancy Free in my Hometown, Farmingdale, NY. Here we will MAYBE play a new song or two but this will be an awesome home-show that I am so looking forward to. We will be celebrating the EP, "Nightfall", trio style.

Feb 22nd, 3PM at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC  - THIS IS THE ONE to make your Sunday Funday. This is our big full band show with new full band arrangements. I am so excited for this one. 

March 10th, 9PM at Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn - Seon and I will be doing it duo style once again. 

also.. this past January I shot my first music video, in Los Angeles. "Nightfall" will be released in just a few short weeks. I had an insanely talented, award winning team working on this video  -  it was truly surreal and humbling. I am still coming down from the high. We cannot wait to show you. 

Cheers - to life!