a simple poem.

I made a vow to create something every day. One day a song did not come to me, so instead I wrote a poem, for the first time since High School. It's simple and imperfect. It came to me and I made no edits. It is sure to break an English teacher's heart. But this is for someone who won't be analyzing poetry for quite some time.. and I like it this way.


A Poem For The Little Girl In My World

Your fingers play within the soil

Sundress dusted, still you toil

Why do pebbles give you such delight?

A lion is your first best friend

He speaks to your brave heart within

Such beauty’s in my line of sight 


Laughter, your first favorite sound

Months before you felt earth’s ground 

Yours is a song, like no other

So if you see tears line my eyes

Darling girl, don’t be surprised

Sometimes you smile just like your mother


If I were to teach you just one thing

It’d be about the joy you bring

It’s nothing I have felt before 

It’s like my soul is over flowing

Chest expanding, rib-cage growing

This heart cannot hold anymore


So promise me you will remember

The miracle that is September

Not a tragic, sorrowed story 

My love you’re here for many reasons

I pray you’ll find in all the seasons

Every day is drenched in glory 


That’s not to say you won’t misstep 

Or grow confused with secrets kept

For any human, that’s a given 

Make your moves and keep forgiving 

Protect your heart, while still believing

Life is love and it’s worth living 


And know that I am here for you

In your deepest, darkest, shades of blue

No, I’m not going anywhere

Especially on a harvest moon

When certain memories start to loom,

And we both need the extra care


Oh kind and smart, resilient girl

With rose-gold cheeks and mocha curl

One you will be all grown up

And of all my dreams both big and small,

The one for you lives above them all 

Should you always know, 

You Are Enough.