I've been slacking on the blog front. 

 It may be a little while before we head back onstage as a full band.

I really wanted to share this one new track with those of you who've been with me & the band on this journey for a while now - it's called Better Love.  I didn't want to keep it to myself anymore. 

It is a very special and personal song for me. This is an abridged live version from our unforgettable show (you guys rock) this March at Brooklyn Academy of Music Cafe.  Here's a playlist of my favorites from that night.  

Be well & take on the world 


Satellite Mode

Some of you at recent shows may have heard an acoustic sneak peak from another project I've been working on.

We've launched. Our name is Satellite Mode and we premiered our first single on Noisey. 

Take a listen

I'll keep it separate from what goes on here.. which is typically a blend of show dates, releases and whatever my head & heart feel like doing at any given moment.

In other news, I am psyched to announce that new solo material is in the works. In the meantime, Jess Carvo & Co will be at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 for a holiday infused show on 11/29. Last full band show of the year. Thank you for making it awesome. 

all of my gratitude,


a simple poem.

I made a vow to create something every day. One day a song did not come to me, so instead I wrote a poem, for the first time since High School. It's simple and imperfect. It came to me and I made no edits. It is sure to break an English teacher's heart. But this is for someone who won't be analyzing poetry for quite some time.. and I like it this way.


A Poem For The Little Girl In My World

Your fingers play within the soil

Sundress dusted, still you toil

Why do pebbles give you such delight?

A lion is your first best friend

He speaks to your brave heart within

Such beauty’s in my line of sight 


Laughter, your first favorite sound

Months before you felt earth’s ground 

Yours is a song, like no other

So if you see tears line my eyes

Darling girl, don’t be surprised

Sometimes you smile just like your mother


If I were to teach you just one thing

It’d be about the joy you bring

It’s nothing I have felt before 

It’s like my soul is over flowing

Chest expanding, rib-cage growing

This heart cannot hold anymore


So promise me you will remember

The miracle that is September

Not a tragic, sorrowed story 

My love you’re here for many reasons

I pray you’ll find in all the seasons

Every day is drenched in glory 


That’s not to say you won’t misstep 

Or grow confused with secrets kept

For any human, that’s a given 

Make your moves and keep forgiving 

Protect your heart, while still believing

Life is love and it’s worth living 


And know that I am here for you

In your deepest, darkest, shades of blue

No, I’m not going anywhere

Especially on a harvest moon

When certain memories start to loom,

And we both need the extra care


Oh kind and smart, resilient girl

With rose-gold cheeks and mocha curl

One you will be all grown up

And of all my dreams both big and small,

The one for you lives above them all 

Should you always know, 

You Are Enough. 

Summer in the city, means..

Summer in the city, means cle-----

..if you know the Regina Spektor song, you know what line comes next. If you don't know the song.. or Regina.. google plz. 

Summer has been good to me and my people!

I've been playing around NYC a lot. It's been hot! In all senses of the word. To kick it off,  my band and I played a packed Rockwood Music Hall stage 2 this June! Rockwood was one of those venues I visited upon first arriving to NYC and only dreamed of playing its' small stage in a few years. It felt amazing to share our work with all of you; all of you listening at the tables, standing at the bar and looking out over the balcony. It was even better to hang with you afterwards and meet some new faces, although it can be rather strange for me. Sometimes it feels like I just read my 7th grade diary over a large sound system to a room full of people.

This July I traveled to Chicago for the very first time and played a set of all-new songs with my collaborator and pop-music PIC, Alex Marko (more on that later). We played to a full house and quite possibly the most supportive, enthusiastic full-house outside of New York that I have ever encountered. I left feeling like.. "Damn, that was FUN, let's do it again.. and again.. and again!"  You truly don't always feel like that and you never know what to expect in a new city.  So, thank you CHICAGO!

In other news, I've been on a smoothie making frenzy and I'm hooked on Wet Hot American Summer (netflix series). I've been listening to a ton of comedy on Spotify because believe it or not, my ears kinda need a break from music sometimes. I should be telling you about all of these important and insightful books I've been reading and music I'm listening to but I'd either be a.) lying or b.) sounding pretentious. 

Mostly a.)  


What's next? 

EVERY FRIDAY @ Chez Jacqueline (Soho - 72 Macdougal St) 9PM Start

August 5th @ Gil Hodges Community Garden (Brooklyn) 5PM with Seon Gomez 

August 11th @ Funkadelic Studios (NYC, Midtown) 7PM with Alex Marko

September 7th @ Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2, LES) 9PM FULL BAND with special guests 

September 14th @ The Bitter End as part of The Songwriters Circle (NYC, East Village) 8PM

Though I'll be singing & crooning in SoHo at Chez Jaq every Friday - you won't be seeing many full band shows from me & the guys this Autumn. My energy will be devoted to releasing a brand new collaborative project in a couple of months. I can't wait to tell you more about it! It's wildly different from any other production I've worked on. IT'S A LOT OF FUN, YA'LL. 

Hope to see you out there and be sure to do all the summery things your sweet heart desires.





"Nightfall" Video Release TODAY

This winter, we shot my first ever music video in Los Angeles. Under the direction of award-winning director and producer, Joel Gallen and director of photography, Jofre Rosero, the visions and sentiments that first inspired "Nightfall", came to life on-screen. I could not have asked for more. To work with this team was a total dream come true.

 My love and thanks go out to everyone who worked on this video, shared their homes for filming, their ideas, their enthusiasm and their support. It's been a huge, happy, fun, hard-working, group effort. I can't wait for the next one! 

You can watch Nightfall here

What, Where, Why, Winter 2015

I've never been great at expressing my emotions solely through words. Singing is much easier than speaking for me. Also, I annoy people by writing and speaking in run-on sentences and ignoring the rules of grammar... but they just don't fit the rhythm of my run-on thoughts. Regardless, I felt the urge to share something with you, journal style. 

In the fall of 2014, my sister Jackie passed away in a car accident. I was and I am still devastated. Loss twists you in so many directions. For me, it initially felt like the impossible had happened. But now it also feels like anything else IS possible - ANYTHING could happen - in a good way. Sometimes I feel like I've been on a mission to honor my sister's life by living out my own through way of art and intuition, with good friends, working on good music and anything else I am genuinely drawn to - with fervor and without fear. This is not without recognizing responsibilities and not without SOME hesitations - I do recognize just how "free spirited" this all sounds. But Jackie's life on earth has taught me priceless lessons and lately it has given me a new level of freedom, courage and open-mindedness I never imagined. She has opened up my universe and I don't think that's crazy or insensitive to say; I think that's what real love is. I often feel like the luckiest person alive,  an incredibly lucky person that will be grieving for quite some time and missing her sister, everyday.  

So, I'm writing a lot right now, preparing to get back into the studio again and working on my voice to make sure it can fully express everything I want it to. You can give a listen to some of the new material at the more intimate shows in NY this season.

Feb 8th, 6PM at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC I'll be playing some songs solo and some with Seon. Will be trying out a lot of new material. Best burgers out of ALL the venues, FYI! 

Feb 12th, 630PM at Fancy Free in my Hometown, Farmingdale, NY. Here we will MAYBE play a new song or two but this will be an awesome home-show that I am so looking forward to. We will be celebrating the EP, "Nightfall", trio style.

Feb 22nd, 3PM at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC  - THIS IS THE ONE to make your Sunday Funday. This is our big full band show with new full band arrangements. I am so excited for this one. 

March 10th, 9PM at Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn - Seon and I will be doing it duo style once again. 

also.. this past January I shot my first music video, in Los Angeles. "Nightfall" will be released in just a few short weeks. I had an insanely talented, award winning team working on this video  -  it was truly surreal and humbling. I am still coming down from the high. We cannot wait to show you. 

Cheers - to life!